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The CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship

CDA Council Council for Professional Recognition

Beca de la cuota de la evaluación de CDA

Our CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship covers CDA Assessment and renewal fees charged by the Council for Professional Recognition for obtaining the CDA Credential. For more information about the credential, go to


Center and Family child care providers must:

    • Work, not volunteer, in a WA State licensed child care facility participating in Early Achievers, Washington's Quality Rating Improvement System
      • Work an average of 20 hours per week in a licensed child care
        • Have worked at your current child care facility for at least three months
        • Be 18 years of age or older
        • Meet all of the eligibility requirements established by the CDA Council

              Scholarship Benefits

              • 100% of the cost of the CDA Assessment Fee ($425)
              • 100% of the cost of the CDA Renewal Fee ($100 PAPER/$75 ONLINE)
              • $150 bonus upon receipt of the scholar's CDA Credential
              • $50 bonus upon receipt of the scholar's CDA Renewal
              • 100% tuition coverage for CDA renewal coursework at a WA state community or technical college

              Scholar  Expectations

              Scholars are required to remain employed with their sponsoring child care facility for three months after scholarship contract completion.

              Scholarship Application

              Please submit complete applications only! Applications are reviewed at the end of each month.

              CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship Application

              CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship Instructions

              Send complete applications to:


              Fax: 253-572-2599

              1551 Broadway, Suite 300

              Tacoma, WA 98402

              Information About the CDA Credential

              The Council for Professional Recognition administers the CDA credentialing program and awards the CDA Credential. For more information visit the CDA Council website.


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