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General Scholarship: AA/Cert./CDA Coursework

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Beca general: Cursos para CDA, certificación, AA

Our General Scholarship supports eligible early learning professionals who plan to earn their Associates Degree, Child Development Associates (CDA), Early Childhood Education certificate (ECE) or state Stackable Certificate at a Washington community or technical college. It covers tuition, fees, paid release time, books and course-related materials, and scholars receive a bonus upon successful completion. All scholarships are contingent upon funding at the time of award. Read our new General Scholarship one-pager. Lea nuestro nuevo folleto Beca General.


Center and Family Child Care Providers must:

  • Be a WA State resident
  • Work, not volunteer, in a state licensed child care program participating in Early Achievers, WA's Quality Rating Improvement System
  • Work an average 20 hours per week in a licensed child care facility
  • Have worked at your current facility for at least three months
  • Plan to pursue a CDA, ECE certificate, Stackable Certificate or Associates Degree at a WA State community or technical college.

Scholarship Benefits

  • 100% Tuition
  • Book reimbursement up to $1000/contract year
  • Release Time at $11.00/hour up to three hours/week
  • $300 bonus upon scholarship contract completion

Scholar Expectations

  • New scholars are expected to enroll the quarter that they receive the award
  • Scholars must remain with their child care program for at least six months after completion of their scholarship contract
  • Scholars must complete a minimum of 12 credits per scholarship contract
  • Scholars must read and understand the scholarship contract and program policies.

Child Care Program Expectations

  • The sponsoring child care program must pay a $300 bonus or provide a 1.5% raise to the scholar upon completion
  • Schedule paid release time with employee at $11.00/hour up to three hours/week

The Application Process

Eligible providers can complete the application and submit it online or click on this link to print out the application. Applications must be complete!

To complete and submit this application online, please click on the button below.

Apply Button

This application should take roughly 30 minutes to complete. Please be aware YOU CANNOT SAVE your application midway, or submit incomplete applications.

You will need the following before you begin:

  1. Your program director's or owner's name and email address
  2. Your Social Security Number
  3. Your facility's provider/license number (NOT your SSPS number) issued by the WA State Department of Early Learning Licensor
  4. Your Early Achievers rating
  5. Past academic information-name(s) of previous high school(s) and college(s), dates of attendance, majors, etc.


Scholarships are awarded on a  quarterly basis.

Winter  -----  November 15

Spring  ----------  February 15

Summer  ----------  May 15

Fall  --------  August 15


Send completed applications to:

1551 Broadway, Suite 300

Tacoma, WA 98402

Fax: 253-572-2599

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