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Snohomish county 4 yr colleges, Skagit county 4 yr colleges


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Central Washington University

Certification Office

400 East University Way

Ellensburg, WA 98926

Department of Education

Tina Clark

Curriculum Advisor



  • Early Childhood Education B.A.
  • Elementary Education B.A.
  • Special Education B.A.
  • Family & Consumer Sciences B.A.
  • Teacher Certification Program

    College Website:

    Early Childhood Education Website:

    The majors in the education department are intended to prepare students to become teaching specialists in a variety of areas.  With an Early Childhood Education major, the students are prepared to teach children from birth to three years old.  Students are strongly advised to simultaneously complete the Elementary Education major as well.  Elementary Education majors are endorsed to teach in regular, self-contained elementary classrooms.  In addition to this, CWU offers a Special Education major specifically designed to teachers for meeting the diverse tasks required in teaching individuals with disabilities.

    Elementary Education Website:

    This major satisfies the endorsement for elementary education. Students who elect this major will be endorsed to teach in regular, self-contained elementary classrooms.

    Special Education Website:

    The special education majors offered are specifically designed to prepare teachers for meeting the diverse tasks required in teaching individuals with disabilities.

    Family & Consumer Sciences Website:

    The Bachelor of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences comprises a general introduction to the broad areas of family and consumer sciences, and with an appropriate minor, can provide students with a well-rounded preparation for life or for further advanced study. This major discusses topics including the origins and historical development of families, cultural variations and contemporary trends. It draws upon information and insight from numerous root disciplines to explore family structure and function. Various courses in this department focus on child developmental characteristics and theories surrounding child development.

    Articulation Agreements: Highline Community College,  Shoreline Community College, Centralia Community College, Pierce College, Edmonds Community College


    School Contact


    City University

    1000 SE Everett Mall Way
    Suite 101
    Everett, WA 98208



    • Elementary Education B.A.

    • Special Education endorsement

    • Elementary Education endorsement

    College Website:

    Elementary Education Website:

    City University of Seattle's regionally accredited B.A.Ed. with Teacher Certification program is designed for individuals who have some college credits and wish to pursue a rewarding career in teaching. City U of Seattle has one of the few programs that allows the option of earning an Elementary K-8 Endorsement, a Special Education K-12 Endorsement or BOTH while earning a bachelors degree.

    The Elementary (K-8) program will provide a student with the knowledge and tools needed to teach core curriculum to a diverse population of elementary and middle school children. Subjects covered include: math, science, social studies, health, reading and literacy. The Special Education (K-12) program combines traditional education training with a focus on classes that prepare them to assist children with special needs.

    The full-time program is designed to be flexible, so a student can study without sacrificing their career. Typically, classes will meet just two evenings a week, plus Saturdays.

    Articulation Agreements: Clark College, Lake Washington Technical College, Renton Technical College, Centralia Community College, Bates Technical College, Skagit Valley College


    School Contact


    Western Washington University- Everett

    Everett Education Center

    840 N Broadway, Bldg B

    Ste #118

    Everett, WA 98201

    Sue Burke

    425.339.3810 Ext 11

    • Education B.A.

    College Website:

    Teacher Education Outreach Program:

    Western offers a wide variety of opportunities in the education field.  This includes Education, Special Education, and an Elementary Teaching Certificate. For students who hold a BA in an approved academic program, Western offers a Residency Teaching Certificate. For those with a transferable AA degree, Western offers a major in Special Education with the option of a Residency Elementary Teaching Certificate or a P-12 Special Education Residency Certificate. Both certificates may be obtained with an extra quarter of internship.

    Articulation Agreements: Clark College, Shoreline Community College, Olympic College, Skagit Valley College, Everett Community college, Whatcom Community College

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