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Montessori Credential Pathway

If you are earning your BA in ECE, or if you already have your BA in ECE, you can also earn your Montessori Credential with a scholarship from Child Care Aware of Washington Scholarships.


As part of our Bachelor Degree Pathways Scholarship, Child Care Aware of Washington Scholarships supports eligible early learning professionals who wish to earn a Montessori Credential, with the intent to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education or a similar, approved field. This scholarship can be used at any approved MACTE-accredited academy in WA. For a list of covered Montessori Academies, please click here.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition and Fees - up to $9,000
  • Books - up to $500
  • Release time - $11/hour, up to 3 hours/week



To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must:


Scholar Expectations & Incentives

  • Scholars must remain with current employer for a minimum of six months after completion of a yearlong scholarship contract
  • Adhere to CCA of WA Scholarships policies, procedures and contract
  • CCA of WA Scholarships provides incentives to scholars upon successful completion of a scholarship contract


Application Deadlines

Only complete applications can be considered. Once you submit your application it will be forwarded to the authorized facility representative you indicated on your application. Your application will be reviewed by CCA of WA Scholarships at the end of the month it is received, after it has been approved by the authorized facility representative on your application. Scholarship notifications are sent the first week of the month following the month the application was received by CCA of WA Scholarships. All scholarship applications must be complete and submitted by the dates listed below to be considered for the corresponding term.

August 15 November 15 February 15 April 15

Please note: submitting an application does not guarantee funding. Scholarships are awarded based upon funding availability.

How to Apply

Submit an application online. Do not fax, email or mail an application.

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