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Quality Matters to Help Children Succeed in School and Life!

Early Achievers helps child care providers improve the quality of their programs.

Research proves high-quality child care and education for children ages 0 - 8 matters! Early Achievers is how Washington State providers will be quality leaders,

improving children's lives.

As a nationwide leader in quality early childhood care and education, Washington State is committed to ensuring every child has access to high-quality care. Early Achievers is the researched-based, culturally-responsive program that is leading the way for providers to become the "Best of the Best."

Watch our new Early Achievers Impact Videos to see how Early Achievers makes a huge difference for child care providers and the families they serve.


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Early Achievers providers are eligible for scholarships from Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals.


Connect with your local Child Care Aware of Washington office for more information.